Questions? Answers!

Here we cover some OpenID related topics.

Get your OpenID ?

OpenID is a shared identity service, which allows you to log on to many different web sites using a single digital identity, eliminating the need for different user names and passwords for each site.

OpenID is a decentralized, free and open standard that lets you control the amount of personal information that you would like to provide to other web sites.

What is Comrite ID ?

Comrite ID is used to login to Comrite sites, and also can be used an OpenID to login to other OpenID enabled web sites. In other words, Comrite is also a OpenID provider.

OpenID delegation

Delegation is a way to use your own website or blog url as OpenID identifier. Requests can be forwarded to this server by adding the following HTML fragment to the <head> of your site:

<link rel="openid2.provider openid.server" href="" />
<link rel="openid2.local_id openid.delegate" href="" />